Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NRDC Seeks to Stay Injunction of Fall X2 Action Under Delta Smelt Biological Opinion

On September 6, the Natural Resources Defense Council filed a notice of appeal and moved to stay Judge Oliver Wanger’s August 31 order enjoining the federal government from implementing the “Fall X2” measure under the Delta smelt biological opinion.  We previously reported on Judge Wanger’s ruling here.

In papers filed late yesterday, the NRDC appealed the injunction and separately filed a motion to stay its enforcement.  The NRDC’s motion argues that the Court’s August 31 ruling alters the status quo of its final judgment in the case.  The final judgment ruled that the biological opinion was arbitrary and capricious in several important respects and ordered the federal government to prepare a new opinion.  (The judgment has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit.)  The NRDC’s motion also challenges the Court’s findings regarding water supply impacts and argues that the injunction will imperil Delta smelt and its habitat.  The NRDC’s motion may be found here.

The NRDC also filed an application to expedite the hearing on its motion to stay the injunction.  It has requested a hearing at 1:30 p.m. on September 8.  The Court has not ruled on that application or notified the parties when a decision on that application might be rendered.  The NRDC’s application may be found here.

We will provide further updates as warranted.

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