Monday, September 12, 2011

KMTG Legal Alert: County Not Liable For Damage From Flooding And Debris

In Gutierrez v. County of San Bernardino (--- Cal.Rptr.3d ----, Cal.App. 4 Dist., August 24, 2011), a court of appeal considered whether property owners stated a claim for inverse condemnation for damage to their properties caused by a second flood after the county installed K-rails to protect residences because a previous flow of water, sediment, and debris had caused substantial damage. The court of appeal held that the property owners did not state a claim for inverse condemnation because the county acted reasonably when it attempted to protect the private property owners from a risk created by nature and the improvement did not expose the “properties to a risk of flooding that did not otherwise exist.”

For a detailed discussion of the facts of this case, and the rationale behind the court's ruling, please see the full KMTG Legal Alert here.

A copy of the court's opinion may be found here.

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