Climate Change

Please see the following legal alerts pertaining to KMTG's climate change practice.

September 8, 2011
City Properly Balanced Benefits Of Hospital Project Against Its Adverse Impacts On Neighboring Residents

June 29, 2011
Environmental Group Failed To Exhaust its Administrative Remedies Before Bringing Suit Against City of San Diego

January 11, 2011
UPDATE: Pollution Control District’s Rule Relating to Emissions Associated With Development Sites is Not Preempted by the Federal Clean Air Act

September 3, 2010
City Not Required To Prepare Supplemental Environmental Impact Report To Address Global Climate Change Where City Did Not Grant A Discretionary Approval That Allowed It To Address The Project’s Impact On This Issue

May 19, 2010
Environmental Impact Report Was Not Deficient Because It Failed To Consider “True” Off-Site Alternative

May 19, 2010
Environmental Impact Report For Refinery Project Violated CEQA Because It Failed To Adequately Describe Project And Improperly Deferred Mitigation Measures

February 22, 2010
CEQA Guidelines Amendments Adopted By The California Natural Resources Agency Address Mitigation Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Effective On March 18, 2010

January 25, 2010
UPDATE: Environmental Protection Agency Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog

December 15, 2009
EPA Finds Greenhouse Gases Threaten The Public Health And Welfare Of The American People

October 6, 2009
CLIMATE CHANGE ALERT! Regional Targets Advisory Committee Finalizes Its Recommendations To The California Resources Board Pursuant to Senate Bill 375

February 1, 2009
CLIMATE CHANGE ALERT! First Meeting of SB 375's Regional Targets Advisory Committee Focused on Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Directly Related To Use of Automobiles And Light Trucks

December 1, 2008
Provisions of Federal Clean Air Act, Which Regulates Mobile Sources Of Air Pollution, Do Not Preempt Pollution Control District’s Rule Relating To Emissions Associated With Construction

October 2, 2008
IS REGIONAL PLANNING FINALLY HERE? California Enacts Sweeping Land Use Legislation Tying Transportation Funding To Regional Growth Patterns To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Curbing Sprawl