Our Team

Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard was established in 1959 with a focus on water and water-related resource law.  Our founders, Stanley Kronick and Adolph Moskovitz, first met in 1950 when they shared an office as staff attorneys for the Regional Counsel's Office of the Bureau of Reclamation, where they formulated a water allocation plan that reversed California’s water policy and became the basis for the water and hydroelectric projects implemented by Governor Edmund G. Brown.

The complexity of legal and governance issues related to water quickly led KMTG into other areas of public agency law, intensifying our experience throughout the complicated network of regulatory agencies and at every level of the state and federal court systems, including the United States Supreme Court. As our expertise expanded, the diversity of our client base grew.

Today, KMTG is a full-service law corporation with offices located in Sacramento, Bakersfield, Roseville, San Luis Obispo,and Walnut Creek.  Our dedicated legal team, comprised of 60 attorneys and 50 staff, collectively represent a large and diverse mix of private business and public sector clients throughout California in a wide range of legal disciplines. Our clients include small to mid-sized businesses, publicly traded companies, including fortune 500 companies, local and state government agencies, cities, counties, joint powers authorities and joint powers insurance authorities, school and community college districts, special districts, water districts, landowners, developers and private individuals.

KMTG's natural resources attorneys, listed below, possess demonstrated expertise in relevant disciplines, including water, environmental, energy, climate change, and related litigation.

Rebecca R. Akroyd
Kenneth C. Bornholdt
William T. Chisum
Mona G. Ebrahimi
Jon E. Goetz
Janet K. Goldsmith
Elizabeth L. Leeper
Scott A. Morris
Daniel J. O'Hanlon
Stanley C. Powell
Eric N. Robinson
Clifford W. Schulz
Danielle R. Teeters
Edward J. Tiedemann
Hanspeter Walter
James P. Wiezel