Friday, November 30, 2012

Department of Water Resources Announces Initial SWP Allocation for 2013

The California Department of Water Resources has announced an initial allocation of 30 percent of requested deliveries to State Water Project contractors in calendar year 2013.   This is not the final SWP allocation and it is almost certain to increase.  In fact, DWR's initial allocation – or water delivery estimate – is always conservative because it is made early in the storm season.   Because the state normally receives more than 90 percent of its snow and rain from December through April, the initial allocation generally increases as more storms bring rain and snow throughout the season.  A case in point is the series of heavy storms hitting Northern California this week, which should significantly increase water supply estimates.  DWR Director Mark Cowin stated “This week’s storms are giving us an early water supply boost, while at the same time putting our flood center on alert.”  Future postings will alert readers to DWR's updated SWP allocation estimates, which will take account of the water arriving in these storms. 

A copy of DWR's official initial SWP announcement for 2013 can be found by clicking here.

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