Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Congressional ESA Oversight Hearing Materials Available Online

As we recently reported, the House Natural Resources Committee conducted a full committee oversight hearing today, December 6, 2011, on the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”), specifically looking at the impacts of ESA litigation on the economy and species recovery.

In a release issued by the Committee, Chairman Doc Hastings said:
The purpose of the ESA is to recover endangered species – yet this is where the current law is failing – and failing badly. Of the species listed under the ESA in the past 38 years, only 20 have been declared recovered. That’s a 1 percent recovery rate. I firmly believe that we can do better. In my opinion, one of the greatest obstacles to the success of the ESA is the way in which it has become a tool for excessive litigation. Instead of focusing on recovering endangered species, there are groups that use the ESA as a way to bring lawsuits against the government and block job-creating projects. By strengthening and updating the Endangered Species Act, improvements can be made so it’s no longer abused through lawsuits and instead can remain focused on fulfilling its true and original goal of species recovery.
The Committee heard testimony from eight witnesses, listed below with their affiliations and links to their written testimony:

A video of the hearing may be viewed here.

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